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Fishing options in Quebec, New Brunswick , Newfoundland, Labrador: Atlantic Salmon; trout fishing
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Fly fish
Fish for brook trout, arctic char, atlantic salmon,
walleye & northern pike to name a few.

Or just come and enjoy the great Canadian outdoors. mleaf.gif

Eastern Canadian Fishing Expeditions
many offer hunting options

Pourvoirie Monet, Senneterre Quebec

Remote Eastern Quebec Fishing and Hunting destination. Access by either train from Sennetterre or by sea plane. This ensures both our fishing and hunting clients have exclusive rights to our 85 square miles of wilderness.

We offer northern pike and walleye fishing at out remote camps.
We keep fishing pressure to a minimun allowing our clients a better chance at that monster fish. Each group is asigned to an area all to themselves. Our region consists of over 50 lakes making it an ideal location for wild game to thrive. We take only 250 fishermen during the whole year spead out over our many fine lakes.
Packages are reasonalbly priced starting with our 3 day packages from July 15 - Nov. 1. Our regular 5 day packages ($600 cdn + taxes/person) run from May 15 - July 15 for groups of 4 or more.

Each fishing group of 4-12 people will have an area all to themselves. Our camps are located anywhere from 1 to 4 hours of travel from the main lodge. Each group of fishermen are responsible for their own meals and fishing supplies. We will provide transportation to and from your camp.

picture of more excited fishermen

Ice fishing and snowmobile packages can be arranged in the winter.

snowmobilers stopped for a chat

Black Bear Hunting   -   Spring only: late May - end June
We offer premium black bear hunts in our exclusive territory.
As an added bonus fishing for walleye and northern pike is included.

You will spend 5 days hunting over bait.
Hunting is done mostly in the evenings.
Both rifle and archery hunters enjoy success with some baits as close as 30 yards.
Call for pricing and open dates.

Moose Hunting: (very limited number of hunts)
7 days hunts; Min. 4 hunters up to 6.
best is to call for info.

another successful moose hunter     another moose hunter

note: there is no electricty or cell phone reception in our area. (we do have satelite phones for rent). Each group has their own private camp and lake. Each camp is equipped with propane; lights; dishes etc; bedding. Clients bring their own food and sleeping bag. Remote guided day trips can be arranged.

If you would like to contact Pourvoirie Monet call 819.662.3362     or    

or go to the Pourvoirie Monet web site    or     email them

Labrador Outfitter #10

The fishing

Nestled adjacent to the Mealey Mountains some 60 miles from Goose Bay, Labrador, the majestic waters of the world famous Eagle River start their eastward journey to the Atlantic Ocean. Millions of years ago, this ecosystem was carved from the earth by the glaciers which pushed over the land. In their wake was left a huge watershed, which fed a mighty river. In this habitat was born a species of fish called Saluelinus Fontinalis or as we know it today the Eastern Brook Trout. These squaretail's abound and flourish in these waters

Our river system forms a considerable portion of the headwaters of the Eagle River. While all the water in this watershed is of a freestone type, limestone-like slicks are numerous, and they are a joy to the dry-fly fisherman. Within a short distance of camp, anglers can fish virtually any type of water they prefer. Whether it is smooth flowing slicks, chuckling riffles or swirling pools our angling areas offer the best of a freestone stream. Trout feed on stone flies, mayflies and caddis which abound and make-up the trout's main diet.

So, whether you wish to wade while fishing or fish from a boat, we offer all types of angling. Come experience the treasures of nature, which Labrador has to offer. For the adventuresome angler, there are even virgin waters still to explore in our fishing areas.

Please note that these native brook trout first appeared in our waters millions of years ago. We would like to see these magnificent fish exist for generations of anglers to come. therefore we practice a catch and release policy. However we have no problem if you would like to take that one fantastic fish home for mounting.

Eagle Lake's double A frame Lodge offers all aspects of home comfort for the angler. The Lodge has 6 double occupancy bedrooms, each complete with full bathroom facilities, including showers. Twenty-four hour electricity is offered and supplied by our own generating system.

Hearty home cooked meals are prepared by our locally trained cooks and served in the main lodges' dining room.

In the evening, relax around our old fashioned wood stove. Recount the day's exciting action or plan tomorrow's strategy. For those who enjoy the art of fly-tying, try our fly-tying bench and craft some of your best patterns. We try to ensure the maximum comfort for the guest while still retaining the warm atmosphere, camaraderie, and professionalism, which we feel you are looking for in your next fishing adventure.

From the time you arrive until the we say long for now, we will make every effort to make your fishing adventure as pleasurable as possible and produce memories to last a lifetime.

Pourvoirie G. Constantineau, W. Quebec

The choice is yours: black powder; rifle or bow hunting. We will guide you to ensure you have an enjoyable hunting esperince when you book your next trip with us. We have a large territory for your hunting pleasure. Our guides have the knowledge to assist you in finding a quality animal.

Black Bear Hunting - May 28 - July 1 2006:
We offer spring black hunts. Arrive Sunday depart Saturday. Full Ameriacan Plan complete with tree stands; ground blinds; baits; skinning, experiened guides; meals; accom., license and taxes. Priced at $1495 US

Our baits are set up with either ground blinds or tree stands that average 15 feet in height with an average shooting distance of 40-80 yards.
Archery stands are approx. 20 yards from the bait.

Whitetail Deer Hunting:
The white-tailed deer has taken advantage of the mild winters of the past 20 years to spread a bit to just about everywhere in Quebec. They have done well in our region.

Deer are nervous animals. To get close you will need more than just willpower. You will have to be able to hide, remain silent, and be odorless. this is especially true for bow hunting. We cater to novice hunters right up to the most seasoned hunter. This may be one of the most reasonably priced deer hunts offered in all of Canada.

check out this nice 2005 deer

Small Game Hunting:
We have a fabulous territory for small game hunting. You will find a number of ruffed grouse ( partridge ); spruce grouse; pheasants; Canada Geese; woodcocks; ducks; just to name a few.

If you are serious about hunting
plan your next hunt with us.

Walleye, trout, pike, bass, and muskies are just some of the fish you can expect to catch in the numerous lakes in our area.

Lodging Our main lodge and 13 cabins are located on the shores of Lac Tapanee. The cabins are clean and cozy and wwell equiped with modern conveniences.

a nice shot of our cabins

If you would like to contact Michel call 1.866.381.3051     or     1.819.586.2143

or go to the Pourvoirie G. Constantineau web site    or     email Michel at

Join us in the Northern Laurentians.

One price covers everything

Country Haven Miramichi New Brunswick

Fly-fishing for Atlantic Salmon the ultimate stress reliever

Many say the Miramichi River is the world's greatest Atlantic Salmon producer

Welcome to Country Haven Miramichi a 4 star fishing outfitter that specializes in fly-fishing trips on the Miramichi River. We offer our guests a choice of All-inclusive or Self-catering packages including Lodge or Private Cottage Accommodations. Located near Blackville, the Atlantic Salmon Fishing Capital of the Miramichi our packages can bring you from anywhere in the world to enjoy our guided fishing in our 11 Private fishing pools on the River that produces nearly half of all rod caught Atlantic Salmon in North America annually.

Fishing Highlights:
For more than a century the Miramichi River has attracted the elite of Sport Fishermen from around the world. The Fishing season runs from April the 15th - October 15th being the longest Atlantic Salmon fishing season.

The river reproduces Atlantic Salmon in greater numbers than any other River and offers Fishermen more miles of fishable water than any other river in the world. Is it any wonder why this river is considered to be the Mother of all Salmon Fishing Rivers.

Fly fishing is an ancient and distinct method of angling, most renowned as a method of catching salmon and trout but today it also is used for many other species. Of all the angling sports, fly-fishing still remains the most passionate among anglers worldwide. For many years, the Miramichi River has been a popular destination among fly fishermen around the world who are interested in fly-fishing for Atlantic salmon, trout and to a lesser extent, shad.

The Fishing:
Spend the day fishing and catching the famous Atlantic Salmon, brook trout or smallmouth bass and shad. Relax in the evening on the front patio, watching the beavers play along the brook that runs through the land, view a family of ducks paddling by, or with a bit of luck, catch a glimpse of the Bald Eagles, each year they return to the large pine tree near the lodge.

Fish range in size from 3 - 30 pounds. The bigger salmon are usually caught in late fall

The angling season for Atlantic Salmon on most of the Miramichi River system is from April 15th - Oct. 15th.
The trout season runs from May 1st - Sept. 15th

For more information on fishing the Miramichi and it's Tributaries including Outfitters, Guides, River Reports, Equipment and Fly Shops visit       Fly Fishing Atlantic Salmon

or       Email Byron at Country Haven Miramichi         or         Phone 877.359.4665

For other great things to do and enjoy in New Brunswick that can be combined with a fishing trip visit
Vacation New Brunswick

Labrador/Nfld. Out. #1, Labrador

Experience the Ultimate in Eastern Brook Trout Fishing in one of Canada's Last Unspoiled Frontiers!

Crooks Lake Lodge is located 60 miles southeast of Goose Bay, Labrador on the Upper Eagle River Watershed. The lake is 5 miles long with rivers and streams full of Big "Brookies" that run between 3 and 8 pounds and some 7's. Large plentiful Northern Pike can run 20 lbs.

The camp is limited to 6 fishing guests per week.

Most fishing is done in the rivers and streams with dry fly equipment. Light spinning gear may be used, with barbless hooks. Boats and motors are supplied with one guide for every two fisherman. We follow a "catch and release policy". However, should you choose to retain one fish for mounting we will pack the fish suitably.

Here are some sample pictures of fish caught, some pictures are large so give them time to download (2003 - 2005)

01   02  03   04   05  06
07   08   09  10    11

Our season starts mid June and ends late August. The camp is limited to 6 guests per week with an emphasis on personal attention. Our rate is $2,895 US American Plan.

Some of our hunting highlights: woodland caribou, moose, bear
Caribou picture.     Yes we can do combo hunts.

Restigouche - Eastern Quebec

Black Bear Hunting - Spring only
Eastern Quebec offers you some of the best black bear hunting in Quebec. We have a large territory, with a very good bear population. Hunting pressure is low, with many large bears taken. We only take 16 hunters for bear per year.

Six night stay with 5 days of hunting will run you $1,495 cdn/hunter double occupancy; $1595 single occupancy; bow hunters add $100 One guide per two hunters. Price includes lodging, meals, preparation of meat and skin, and stands. We specialize in bow and crossbow hunting. Rifle hunters have had a 100% success rate the last two years. We conduct hunts from May 20th - June 15th only for best results. Fishing can be added to your hunts.

Hunts are conducted in the evenings. Add fishing to your bear hunt for between $175-$230. We have had bears taken over 400 pounds. Rifle hunters have a 80% success rate while bow hunters were at 65%.


Pete can offer you a 2 bear hunt by letting you take 1 bear in Quebec and 1 in New Brunswick. Plase ask about price.

Matapedia Quebec is the Atlantic Salmon Capital

Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing Great fishing, gourmet chefs, experienced guides located near the Quebec/New Brunswick border.

"The area is a Mecca for salmon anglers in the region and its walls, and those of its attached restaurant are richly adorned with all sorts of salmon fishing memorabilia and art works. 30 pound salmon are not uncommon. If you like the challenge of having to play your fish in you will love this experience. The salmon in this area love to strike your line. They fight like devils and like to jump.".... exerts taken from "The Maine Sportsman" written by Harry Vanderweide. Our fishing rates start as low as $200/day.

WINTER activities include winter guided tours and expeditions by snowmobile. The lodge is within minutes of superbly groomed provincial trails the new Brunswick has become famous for, and out our back door are hundreds of kilometers of crown lands with a myriad of logging trails that serve as a basis for touring by snowmobile.

direct link to Restigouche web site     or call Pete at 877.865.2848

Quebec Outfitter #11

A Select private corporate fishing club in Quebec, Canada, offering a high class international service. A thorough understanding of brook trout and their habitat combined with our continual enhancement projects (Gesti-Faune Research Centre site), are responsible for the excellent fishing success: 98% take-home limits in the last four years.

This fishing lodge is one of only five 1999 Canada's National Recreational Fisheries Awards

The award recognizes outstanding achievements in the field of conservation and recreational fisheries. "The outstanding work of these individuals and organizations is extremely valuable for the conservation and enhancement of recreational fisheries in Canada", said Mr. Dhaliwal the Canadian Minister of Fisheries and Oceans.

NLM is proud to offer you the chance to experience the hospitality of the Gesti-Faune Research Centre .

The simplicity of our package is our key to success. From the moment you arrive, everything is included: meals, accommodations, refreshments, fishing equipment, rainwear, boots, permits, boats, motors, guides... Yes, absolutely everything! The warm welcome and the comfort of your stay will far surpass any expectations.

The art of fine dining at the Manoir Brule is assured by the culinary genius of our chef, Jean-Francois Lacroix, gold-medal winner in the U.S. Skills Olympics. "Jean-Francois and his team will tempt you with succulent gastronominical delights."

We support the Gesti-Faune Research Centre which has undertaken several innovative enhancement projects for brook trout. We have two prints by the world renowned wildlife artist Lars Larsen that you can order which helps support the research centre.

Now offered a "corporate" sport and fly fishing package at the prestigious Manoir Brule Fishing Club.

New hunting options:

* moose - late September and October
* bear and trout fishing - May and June
* Whitetail deer - October & November
* Small Game (woodcock, grouse, etc.) - September & October
* Greater Snow Goose Hunts - est. at over 1,000,000 geese go directly through our new hunting paradise.

Northern Lights Lodge Labrador Nfld.

Northern Lights Lodge is nestled away in the interior of Labrador. The Lodge is situated on an esker that separates Shaw Lake from the Ashuanipi River System by just a hundred yards. It's a place of changing skies and the freshest air you'll ever breathe. It's a huge outdoor paradise - unspoiled and wild. It's a place for solitude and a getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life..

Fishing Species
Brook Trout - Lake Trout - Land-locked Salmon
Northern Pike - Whitefish

"Catch and Release" Policy We promote a "catch & release" policy at our Lodge and ask that all fish {except a trophy} be released to ensure the quality and quantity of these excellent game fish for future generations. We will provide you with some fine meals of fish on our shore lunches. We ask that you fish with single barbless hooks on your flies and lures.

Economy Road Package - Gabbro Lake - The "Economy Road" package runs from Friday to Friday beginning June 17, 2005. Fish the many waters surrounding the Lodge by boat. Transportation to the Lodge is by the angler's personal vehicle. The drive from Labrador City to Gabbro Lodge is a 3-1/2 hour road trip through the Labrador wilderness. The lodge is accessible by vehicle. Package can accommodate up to 16 anglers. Package Price: $1,599.00 + licence + tax / per person (Cdn Funds)

Economy Boat Package - Shaw Lake - The "Economy Boat" package runs from Friday to Friday beginning June 17, 2004. Fish the many waters surrounding the Lodge by boat. Transportation to the pick up point at Lobstic Structure is by the angler's personal vehicle which includes a 4 hour road trip through the Labrador wilderness. A boat will be at Lobstic Structure for a 1-hour boat trip across the Smallwood Reservoir & through the Ashuanipi River System. Package can accommodate up to 12 anglers. Package Price: $2,299.00 + licence + tax / per person (Cdn Funds)

No Hunt like a Winter Caribou hunt

We hunt animals from the George River Heard,

which is estimated to number in excess of 750,000 caribou

making it the largest herd of migrating caribou in the world.

Winter Caribou Hunts run from Nov - April

The Winter Caribou Hunt has become our most popular hunt due to:

    1) The George River caribou herd has wintered in Labrador for many years
    2) 100% success rate for 1999 - 2004 seasons
    3) The quality of the meat is at its best on this hunt
    4) Good possibilities for large racks in Nov. and Dec.
    5) First-class accommodations
    6) Groomed trails with warm-up chalet. Groomer on site
    7) Opportunities to view the beautiful "Northern Lights"
    8) Small game hunting from Oct. 1 - April 20 for willow Ptarmigan & spruce Grouse
    9) Ice fishing available in March and April
    10) No deposit required
    11) Most importantly, an affordable 3-4 day hunt

Winter Caribou Hunting Package includes:

    * Professional guides
    * Snowmobiles & gas
    * Accommodations and Meals
    * Transportation of field dressing animals back to town
    * Export permit
    * Friendly "Labrador" hospitality
    * We also can offer you a fall caribou hunt

Visit our web site at       e-mail Northern Lights Lodge - Jim or Julie

Better yet call Northern Lights Fishing Lodge right now at 709.944.7475

Quebec Outfitter #12

Our territory is located on the Lower North Coast of the Province of Quebec. ( the North shore of the St. Lawrence ). The Matapedia River is one of the worlds most productive rivers for spawning at present. This should tell you about the fishing available.

Fishing with us allows you to fish for an exceptional diversity of fishes: speckled trout; freshwater salmon; Quebec trout (char); sea trout; and from June 25th to August 10th the Atlantic salmon.

picture of the river

At the Musquanousse River, the sea trout ascend in the same time as the salmon. The record for these trout is 9.5 pounds but many 3 to 5 pounders are caught every day. As for the speckled trout and the freshwater salmon, they generally run 4 to 5 pounds with the largest char being 8 lbs last year. If you like a fight to land your fish these will give it to you. Several of our clients fought for 20 to 30 minutes to land their catch.

We limit our clients to a maximum of 8 guests in July, 10 in June, August and September. Guides (one per two anglers). Catch limits are 3 salmon/day, 7 for the week; 20 trout by day and 6 landlocked salmon (ouananiche). You will find our prices very affordable for your American plan trip.

fishing picture

Come enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere, the exceptional regional food and all the intact beauty of the Lower North Shore will see that your fishing trip on the Musquanousse River is an unforgettable experience.

Quebec Outfitter #20

We are a highly experienced guiding & fishing company specializing in the magnificent rivers of the Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec. We are a quality operation with profound knowledge of our home rivers, which include the legendary Grand Cascapedia, Petite Cascapedia, Bonaventure, York, Dartmouth, and Nouvelle Rivers.

Our goal and mission is to provide and deliver a Quality Angling Experience to our friends and guests. We consider the pursuit of the mighty Salmo salar a privilege. We pride ourselves on giving our guests a memorable Salmon Fishing Experience.

Our specialty: We fish the Cascapedia River home of the 40 pounders and is recognized as one of the finest Atlantic salmon rivers in the world. This river consistently produces the largest Atlantic salmon in Quebec year after year.

If you are looking for a top-notch quality fishing experience we have it for you.

Brook Trout:
We offer brook trout float trips on a daily or overnight basis on both the East and West branches of the Petite Cascapedia from June 25 - August 31. The average size trout is between 2 - 6 pounds with fish over 10 pounds lurking about.

A truly magical canoe/fishing expedition, our trout fishing adventures are highly sought after due to the limited number of trips we do throughout the season.

Fishing Packages:

Combination River Packages: June 15 - July 30 & Sept 1-30
7 nights - 6 days of angling: $4450 cdn (approx $3000 US)
4 nights - 3 days of angling: $2325 cdn (approx $1600 US)

August 1 - 30: 7/6 is $3975 cdn (approx. $2600 US)
4/3 is $2075 cdn or (approx. $1400 US)

Other packages are available

We offer a limited number of Moose; Deer and Bear hunts. For more info on these please visit this page

fishing in Ontario Hideaway Outfitters, 1.888.797.2577
Redditt Ontario (W. Ontario)

Hunt or fish in NW Ontario

John has owned and operated this lodge for over 20 years. John says "small enough that I like meeting the guests to ensure they are enjoying themselves."

Redditt is located near Kenora Ontario (near Lake of the Woods) which makes us an easy destination for our guests coming from the Central United States. For your reference we are about 2.5 hours from the International Falls border crossing or Winnipeg.

The Fishing

Northern Pike; Walleye; Bass and Muskie

American Plan ($1,600 US/person): accom. in fully modern cabin including all meals, cable TV, bedding; fully guided fishing including boat, motor, gas and bait; shore lunch; canoes; fish cleaning and freezing; private beach; conservation license; ice; your stay is 7 nights Saturady - Saturday

Economy Package ($800 US/person) includes: accom.; boat, motor, no meals

Fisherman's Special: bring your own boat
we can rent you a great cabin; use our dock; cleaning area; walk-in freezer...
up to 4 guests only $800

bear and deer hunting Ontario Family Package ($800 US/week) (children under 15) boat rentals available:
up to 4-5 guests; accom. in fully modern cabin including cable TV, cooking utensils, microwave, bedding; canoes are available; use of fish cleaning and freezing house; private beach; your stay is 7 nights. 2 - 18 hole golf courses are nearby, as well as a museum and Provincial park; a 3 screen movie house and many restaurants

Northern Pike: expect to catch 5-15 pounders, with some approaching 25. You will keep busy reeling them in

Walleye: we've had 13 pounders caught, but expect to catch smaller ones but they will keep you happy fishing for them.

Bass: expect to catch 1.5 - 3+ pounders, with some approaching 5-6 pounds.

Muskies: We can send you locations where you can fish for muskies

Nice fish

Outpost camp available for those who like to enjoy and experience our great outdoors even more.

Bear Hunts
Aug. 15 - Sept. 30:

we average 200 - 400 pound bear but bear several over 450 pounds have been taken by happy hunters:
we supply tree stands and baiting and assist you in retrieving your game
we start baiting a month prior to the season opens ensuring your success

Archery and rifle hunts: American Plan ($3,000 US) includes: license, accom; meals; fully guided hunt; game prep.; 7 night stay; tons of guided fishing: we can add an archery deer hunt as a bonus for a small fee
Economy Package archery and rifle includes ($1,600 US): accom; cooking utensils; semi-guided; tons of guided fishing
Outpost camp ($1,600 US) inquire:

Check out the picture of this 500 pound bear taken by one of our 2003 guests
Another nice bear from 2003

Deer Hunts
mid- Oct - mid Nov.:     avg. 200 - 300 lb deer

Archery and rifle hunts:
American Plan ($3,000 US) includes: license, accom; meals; fully guided; game prep.; 7 night stay:
deer hunters special offer: up to 4 un-guided hunters - 1 cabin rental $800

3 deer from 2003 - 90k

Moose Hunts
Sept. 16 - 30:    1000 pound moose
Archery only hunts: American Plan includes: license, accom; meals; fully guided; game prep.; 7 night stay: sold out

If you would like to contact John at Hideaway Outfitters right now call 1.888.797.2577

or go to Hideaway Outfitter's web site

If you would like to contact Hideaway/John please send e-mail to:

more great pictures on the Hideaway web site

A 94k map of Canada for your reference

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Quebec Out. #20, E. Quebec Atlantic salmon fishing at its best, brook trout as well
Labrador Outfitter #10 Fishing only for brook trout, luxurious lodge
Quebec Outfitter #11 BROOK TROUT, fine dining, moose, bear, & deer, birds
E. Quebec #12 sea trout, salmon combined with a great region
Newfoundland/Labrador Out. #1 brook trout, pike, caribou/moose combo hunts

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